Teketat Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy is applicable to all relevant products, website and services that are offered by Devloops LLC. (Teketat) and all interrelated and affiliated companies. Occasionally, Teketat might post specified Help Center information or product privacy notices in order to help consumers understand the products in more detail.

Use of the Information Collected by Teketat and the Form of Such Usage

Teketat can gather the following types of information:
1. The Information Provided by the User
After having signed up with Teketat for the services provides, the user may be asked to provide personal information. The information submitted is combined by Teketat through the users account, in addition to any information taken from alternate Teketat services with the intention of providing better quality service for Teketat users. When considering specific services provided by Teketat, consumers may have the choice as to whether they would like to combine such information.

2. Use of Cookies
After you have logged onto a Teketat provided service, one or more cookies are to the users host computer or device used to log on to Teketat services. These cookies are used to validate all interactions (these interactions include, without limitation, storing user preferences) in order to provide better quality service by Teketat as well as track patterns in consumers reactions.

3. Login Information
After logging onto a Teketat provided service through a given internet browser another customer application, the services provided by Teketat are programmed to automatically record specific types of information. The mentioned record of information includes, without limitation, information such as all interactions with a service IPA (Internet Protocol Address), chosen internet browser, the specific date and time of your given request, and the language of the selected internet browser.

4. User Communications
When Teketat receives an email or any other form of communication from user, Teketat may keep hold of such attempted communications in order to process and respond to such inquiries for the purpose of improving the provided services. After a transaction occurs through the sending or receiving of an SMS from a Teketat provided service, Teketat may store specific details taken from the SMS message transaction such as, without limitation, the wireless carrier associated with the phone number, the phone number, the content of the messages, and the exact moment of the transaction. Additionally, Teketat may use a users email account to communicate with said user directly.

5. Affiliated Teketat Service on Other Sites
Few of Teketats provided services are offered on websites. The personal information that a user provides to such affiliated websites may be sent directly to Teketat where the information is filed and stored under this Privacy Policy.

6. Third Party Applications
Third party applications, including, without limitation, gadgets extensions, can be offered through Teketats services. All information gathered by Teketat services when enabling a third party application is stored and filed under this Privacy Policy. However, information that is collected by the third party application provider shall be governed by their privacy policies (the third party).